Swallows and a rainbow

It has been raining here in Bagni di Lucca for weeks. We are all sick of it. Late yesterday afternoon the rain stopped and a strange yellow light appeared over Ponte a Serraglio.



Then a rainbow appeared.




Then swallows began to swoop and dive along the river.


There is a saying here…Una rondine non fa primavera…One swallow doesn’t make spring. ( a bit like “One swallow doesn’t make a summer”). There were lots of swallows, so I’m hoping it is a sign.

A bit later there was a double rainbow. The photo is not great, but if you squint you might see it.


Rondine e un arcobaleno…I jumped in this morning and planted the pansies on the bridge. Let’s hope it doesn’t snow again.

14 thoughts on “Swallows and a rainbow

  1. Gorgeous, Debra! Thank you! And I look forward to seeing the pansies soon. I do hope that the weather will improve as you still have plenty to do at Vergemoli. Am I right?

  2. Debra,

    Absolutely stunning photos, love all of them! You should actually publish a book with folklore from the villages in the area. I have a feeling you would be astonished by the folklore. Made my day to view such a beautiful rainbow.

  3. Ah, now, if you hadn’t had the rain you wouldn’t have those glorious rainbow pictures. The swallows must have been celebrating the sun too.

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  5. I love swallows! I love the way they fly and swoop so swiftly…no wonder they’re described in a poetic vein: ‘swift like a swallow’ … and rainbows after the rain ,,, nature brings such beautiful bursts of surprises to your door. I love the way you capture those special moments on camera to share with us, Debra.

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