A celebration of women

At the Casino in Ponte a Serraglio there is an art exhibition to celebrate women. As well as a chance to see the beautifully restored interior of this historic building, you can see and exhibition of painting, sculpture and photography.




A large crowd gathered for the opening event.


For me the most interesting part of the exhibition is a display of craft, beautiful pieces of handwork done mostly by women. Some of these talents are being lost in these busy times and it is wonderful to see such a lovingly collected items of sewing, weaving, spinning, embroidery and lace work.














I can imagine busy hands creating these things for families and friends in any spare moment. Many of these skills are being lost forever. Thank you Gemma Fazzi and her team for showing us this lovely collection.

The exhibition continues until Friday 15th March and is open in the evenings from 5pm until 8pm. On Friday evening there will be a fashion parade followed by refreshments.

10 thoughts on “A celebration of women

  1. I am hopelessly inept when it comes to anything to do with creativity, but comfort myself with the thought that there have to be people who just love to look and appreciate. The exhibits are wonderful. The Casino looks great also – has it all been restored to this standard? Pam x

  2. I am so sorry about not being able to see it as I will not be in Bagni before the 15th. In any case, thank you Debra for your beautiful photographs.

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