It is cold in Bagni di Lucca…it is the middle of winter after all.


The Lima River is full of water after recent rain and snow.



The ducks…including the white one and the goose…seem to be coping with the cold.


There is snow on the mountains around us.

…and we have been having some beautiful sunsets.


Winter is a lovely time to be in Bagni di Lucca.

22 thoughts on “Winter

  1. The river looks great. I love it when it is full of water and it rumors past our home. It is a very soothing. Glad to hear that the local fauna is doing well.

  2. Will be in Bagni Di Lucca on 29th , Unfortuneately on a sad occasion to bring my friend Giovanni Giambastiani home to be buried in Pieve .

  3. Such alive photos Deb, and it ‘s nice to see the river level higher than it was in the summer. I love your description of morning storms rumbling through the mountains. In Brisbane we’re getting the tail end of a cyclone – never rains but it pours!

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