The Demidoff Temple


The neo-classical building sits beside the lovely Camaione stream, which enters the nearby Lima River at Ponte a Serraglio.

The Demidoff Temple was built in 1831 by grateful Russian Prince, Nicolaj Demidoff, who was delighted to have his gout cured in the thermal waters of Bagni di Lucca. The round building with 4 pillars was designed by architect Giacomo Marracci. It followed the building in 1826 of the Demidoff Hospital, joined by a bridge to the temple. The hospital is now the Villaggio Globale, a holistic health centre.








25 thoughts on “The Demidoff Temple

  1. Hi Deb, thank you for the lovely photos of the Demidoff temple. Why are these beautiful buildings not maintained by the city of Bagni di Lucca….I little repair would go a long way, furthermore a little pruning and gardening would not hurt as well…..but I do love the photos, keep them coming, farewell from California.

    • The Demidoff Temple is part of Villagio Globale, so I guess it is their responsibility to maintain it. The comune has very little money to do anything. I would like to see soem of the residents get involved in a bit of maintenance.

  2. Great pics of the Demidoff Temple. Why is it we don’t build like this anymore. Everything’s concrete block these days.

  3. Ben arrivata back to BDL. Wish I could be there also. Thank you for the lovely photos of the Demidoff temple; it’s one of the nice things we pass on our route from BDL to Pieve.

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