Un piccolo terremoto

There was a small earthquake near Castelnuovo in the Garfagnana yesterday at about 4.00pm.
We felt it here in Bagni di Lucca quite strongly. There was a loud noise and my house shook for a couple of seconds.

There are no reports of damage to people or property. People here seem to be fairly used to having the earth shake, but this was my first earthquake, and I have to say I didn’t like it one bit.

If I hear anything more I will let you know.

32 thoughts on “Un piccolo terremoto

  1. ciao Debra, I felt it in Lucca, too! I live on the 4th floor in the city centre and it was awful and long!! It is not my first earthquake, because as you said in this area, especially in Garfagnana, they are quite frequent,
    I remember that when I was a child, they were waiting for a strong one and we were suggested to leave Bagni and the mountains. Many people went to sleep in their car in the stadium in Fornoli, fortunately nothing happened,
    If you do a little bit of research you will find out that the biggest one was in 1929, if I am not wrong. It is really an akward feeling because when you feel it, you cannot do anything about it and then even when it’s gone…it leaves something inside you…Anyway, glad that nobody was hurt!

  2. Little earthquake?! It was strong! And the plaster fell off most of my inside walls. Have to do over the plaster in most rooms, and bathroom tiles cracked also… Not pleasant at all!

  3. Good to hear that it was not that bad, although a bit scary. Most of us know that tremors can always be expected, not only in Italy but in many other European countries. I read that an elderly lady died of a heart attack, following the tremor, at Piazza al Sercchio. Very sad!

  4. I have been in Bagni since 1972 and this was the worst one..bits of plaster also fell from my walls .
    The worst was in 1920 when my mother was just a baby living in Chifenti..they told her she risked her life as something big, whether part of wall or wooden beams, fell near her crib…in all the region 200 deaths!

  5. Sorry to hear about the earthquake, but we should be happy about the lack of victims. Tuscany, and specifically the Bagni Di Lucca historically have always experienced shakers. Hangnail in there Deb….have a nice glass of red wine or two….Here in the San Francisco area it’s the same as Toscana.

  6. I’ve just been reading about a string of further small quakes you might have felt…. Not what you want to welcome you back! But let the knowledge that these things happen in Italy all the time be a little comfort. Take care. x

  7. I am glad nothing happened. I had many experience with earthquakes and none of them was good. You know we are in the risk area. I hope and wish not happens again. Take care, be in safe. Love, nia

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