9 handsome men on Ponte a Serraglio

This group of handsome fellows gathered for a photograph on the bridge at Ponte a Serraglio 50 years ago.


In the back row from the left……Roberto Calistri, Aldo Berni, Umberto Lenzini, Liliano Saivetti and Benito

In the front….Vito Lorenzelli, Sandro Fazzi, Renzo Moschino and Amelio Bianchi.

Some are no longer with us, some have moved away…..but I found 2 handsome chaps still here.


On the left is Vito Lorenzelli and to his right is Roberto Calistri.

Vito happily showed me the original photo and gave me the names. I will need to be reminded of Benito’s cognome. Vito is now back in Scotland, where he lives for most of the year. I see Roberto regularly at the Ponte with his delightful granddaughter Agnese, my favourite little Ponte person.


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