A weekend of fun and Pinocchio in Bagni di Lucca

La Villa, the commercial centre of Bagni di Lucca, hosted a charming festival on the weekend. The fun activities were inspired by the stories of Pinocchio, which were written in the nearby village of Collodi.

There were stalls selling Pinocchio articles, arts and crafts, food (of course), games and activities for children and street performers.








Patrizia’s fruit shop with a few extra goodies.


Ilario from Del Sonno cooks up a storm.



What I loved the most was seeing children joining in a having fun doing simple things…… not a computer game in sight.






It was a good excuse for the adults to dress up and have some fun too.





Even a princess needs to eat.

If you are really lucky, you will happen upon one of these delightful local festivals when you are in Italy….bring a costume just in case.

28 thoughts on “A weekend of fun and Pinocchio in Bagni di Lucca

  1. Just the kind of local event that makes Bagni di Lucca special. Ilario looks like he’s having a great time as does everyone else. Wonderful!

  2. In the Pinocchio story the author writes that Pinocchio and his friends Lucignolo isntead of going to school they left home to go to funland where you just play, eat and have fun…this place was Bagni di Lucca. It was really a fantastic week end, a crowd that had lot of pleasure and fun and even many people from Collodi (Pinocchio town) commenting: We have to come to Bagni di Lucca to see a great Pinocchio festival.
    Thank you to the administration and to all the people who helped organizeing this amazing week end in such a short time

  3. A great initiative and let’s hope that it was just one of many other to come. Bagni needs this kind of entertainment and fun for all. What about recreating the big banquet and ball offered by Michel de Montaigne back in the 16th Century to thank the people of Bagni si Lucca for their hospitality? It is very well documented and with the people’s cooperation it could be recreated. Montaigne in his memoirs describes the menu and even the outfits… Something to think about.

  4. I love the blue fata with the pointy white hat, Debra. But you’re absolutely right, I was thinking the same thing – it’s the children. I get the feeling Italian children just might be a little bit more in touch with fairytales and storybooks, if only through these sorts of beautiful festivals.

    • The children here seem to be perfectly happy to walk along holding hands with their parents….something no self respecting young teenager would do in Australia. My son preferred to walk 6 paces behind me from the age of 11. Australian parents are apparently very embarrassing and to be avoided at all costs. I really like the way families do things together here.

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