A Ponte a Serraglio sunset

The weather has been beautiful for the last few days. We had a bit of rain, which we needed and the days are becoming cooler. The sunset this evening was spectacular.






10 thoughts on “A Ponte a Serraglio sunset

  1. Beautiful colours, Debra! How much cooler? I guess that it would be mainly in the evening and at night. Pretty warm still in Spain. And we need some rain!

  2. Spectacular is right! Maybe it is the cooler weather that is producing these lovely sunsets. We had a wonderful sunset in Maine last week that I was able to capture…it is my screen saver now.

  3. I also viewed this sunset Friday evening from the terrace of Casa Marchi in Gomberetta – home of Roy and Shirley. It was glorious. Thank you for capturing it Debra and for all the lovely photos you keep sending us. Hope to see you again in early November.

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