This morning at Ponte a Serraglio

The sun has just hit my balcony and it is going to be a beautiful day…..again.








The first photo was taken from my balcony and the rest from the bridge below. I think you can see why I love it here.

It has been a long, hot summer. The river is low and things are not as green as usual. Autumn will soon be here to turn the leaves gold……lovely.

24 thoughts on “This morning at Ponte a Serraglio

  1. Delightful pics. We have fond memories of Ponte a Serraglio from this and earlier years, during hot and cold weather. The bridge is the one we drive over when we arrive at Bagni and it always feels like coming home. Have a cafe in the Monaco for us would you Debra.
    PS Are there many tourists still around?

  2. This summer we stayed for 2 weeks in that lovely appartment! I tried to look after the plants as good as I could! We know Bagni di Lucca for more than 20 years and it’s every year the same fealing…coming home! Please give ‘un grande baccio’ to Marco, Annalisa , Delia and Simone. Tjerk and Annelisa

  3. Your pictures make me want to get there as soon as possible….and we just left a few weeks ago. Your flowers looked lovely, even in the severe heat of this summer. Thanks again for your blog.

  4. Thanks Debra. Brings back great memories of our month stay there in May this year. The house we stayed in is shown in the distance in the last photograph. And yes the river is low! We will return next year!

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