Changing seasons


One of the things I love the best about Bagni di Lucca is the obvious change in the seasons. I come from a sub tropical climate where there is not a lot of difference.

There is a view that I have been photographing for a year to document the lovely changes.









I like all the seasons ( except when it gets really hot in summer ). Autumn is particularly lovely in Bagni di Lucca…..and it is about to start.

12 thoughts on “Changing seasons

  1. Great throughout the year and it is a clever idea to show seasonal changes. See you soon in autumn, my favourite season.

  2. We do the same thing from the wall in Lucca, looking into the Botanical Garden and to the Church. It is lovely the way it changes, and we just get to see it in May and November….will have to try it for a longer time to catch all four seasona! LOL!

  3. September is beautiful in Tuscany. we always plan our trips there at this time of year , staying in Guzzanno. your pictures are beautiful!

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