A celebration of Dante Alighieri in Montefegatesi

On a beautiful summer evening in July, Dante Alighieri devotees were invited to an evening of poetry. The crowd gathered at the monument to Dante, high above Montefegatesi, to listen to Sergio Frati recite from memory, hymns from the Divine Comedy.

With help from fellow Dante lover, Giovanni Pacini, Sergio had the crowd enthralled.

What a wonderful way to spend a summer evening.

The views from the Dante Monument are spectacular.

It wouldn’t be an Italian evening without food, and after the recital everyone congregated for dinner at a very long table outside the club.


After dinner the group went to the town theatre where there was a historical exhibition of emigration relating to Montefegatesi.

Sergio then recited another three sections of The Divine Comedy, telling the story of Paolo, Francesco, Ugolino and other characters from Dante’s masterpiece.

I am sorry I wasn’t there for what looks like a fun evening. The photos and story were made possible by Emanuele Lotti of the Bagni di Lucca Trekking Club. Thank you Emanuele for helping us to keep up with what is happening in Bagni di Lucca.

Click here to see more on the Bagni di Lucca Trekking Club.

Dante Alighieri keeps watch over the village.

8 thoughts on “A celebration of Dante Alighieri in Montefegatesi

  1. Maybe next time you’ll be there Debra…. I love these gatherings. You feel so close to the heart of things and being there is such a privilege. Culture of all kinds and people of all ages. Italian communities do this so well. Great long distance reporting too!!!

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