Bagni di Lucca votes for a new mayor

Yesterday, 6th May, and today the people of Bagni di Lucca have been voting for their new Sindaco (mayor). I can’t vote, but I walked up to our nearest polling station the see what was going on. Sezione No 3 is at the Bagno Bernabo.


The view of Ponte a Serraglio is just gorgeous, especially on a glorious sunny day, like today.



The lovely old spa has been restored recently and we are still waiting to see it open. I went inside, but only a couple of rooms were open.


One of the local carabinieri was on hand to watch over the proceedings.



The electoral lists.

Voting finishes today. I wonder who will win.







I’ll let you know as soon as I find out.


Massimo Betti, the handsome fellow in the first photo is our new mayor. He is from Bagni di Lucca and has a pharmacy in La Villa. He is a well known and respected business man who knows and loves Bagni di Lucca. Let’s hope he can bring some positive changes to the villages.

35 thoughts on “Bagni di Lucca votes for a new mayor

  1. I’ve been dutifully reading the election leaflets of all the candidates but to me they all seemed to be similar! I think my Italian just isn’t up to the linguistic subtleties of difference! What a shame no female candidates!

  2. Betti won! I’m not into politics, but this will make a big difference to us. At least now the rubbish burner will not be built, so we won’t be poisoned and now we all want to work together on developing more things for turism and keep the nature clean! Any ideas he will welcome. We will stay for another while…

  3. How interesting Debra…I love your reporting style. 😉 Let’s hope your new Sindaco has some fresh ideas and keeps it about your beautiful town. At least he should look very smart in the mayoral sash… xx

  4. I look forward to reading your posts…the stunning photography with these amazing people and these villages…the beauty is everywhere. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Lets hope this major is NOT in favour of that stupid esculator idea for PS!!!!!!!!
    Ape vehicles are the answer!!!!!!!! Vote for nice old Ape’ssssssssssss

  6. I am glad to see Dr Betti as the winner. He is a very intelligent person and he loves this areas, where his family has lived for some 300 years. Besides owning the oldest pharmacy around and the Agriturismo “Pian di Fiume”, which you featured some time ago, one of his great uncles was Adolfo Betti, an excellent musician and a friend of Giacomo Puccini. He was fundamental in letting the Americans know about Puccini’s work, as he was a soloist at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York.
    Let’s hope that Dr Betti will be able to do a lot for the Comune.

  7. Ah, I was rooting for Betti as I scrolled down the list! Your description of him makes me think he will be a good choice. I think he won because he is handsome and charming, to be certain!

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