2 special events in Bagni di Lucca


On Friday 4th May the San Giovanni spa was officially opened by the outgoing mayor of Bagni di Lucca. Work has been going on for some time on the wonderful old building. It is great to see these places brought back to life.

I photographed the spa late last year while the work was still going on.


There is still some work to do on the interior, but it is looking good.


A good crowd gathered to watch as the mayor performed one of his final duties.


The mayor spoke and the new young priest for Bagni di Lucca blessed the building.


Then everyone charged inside to see what will be on offer when it really opens.


The rooms are light and airy, thanks to the sky lights and glass ceiling.


There are lots of treatment rooms and beautiful baths to take advantage of the health giving waters coming from the spring that feeds the spa. There has been a spa of some kind in this spot for centuries.




Hopefully the work will be completed soon and people will flock to the new spa.

The second event took place the next day at the station at Fornoli.


The mayor was on hand again to open the newly renovated waiting room at the Bagni di Lucca railway station. I recall arriving here in May 2003 and thinking I would like to take a broom and paintbrush to this place. Somebody finally has and it is going to look great, a much better welcome to Bagni di Lucca.


I missed the ribbon cutting, but I did see the scissors.


There isn’t much to photograph in the waiting room of a station, so I will show you around the outside.


The old station near the present one.


On the platform.

Waiting for a train.


There was even a train at the station.


Now if they could just get the train to coordinate with the bus that goes past the station all would be perfect.


I love the tree lined street that leads to the station.


I wonder what the new mayor will bring to Bagni di Lucca.

For those of you who are interested, there was lots of food on offer. Those who did not attend the openings should remember this for next time.





16 thoughts on “2 special events in Bagni di Lucca

  1. Let’s hope, unlike the comune spa, the people running the new spa realise that they need to be luxurious and their customers will want to be pampered, not just treated.

      • Another business for us: staff training and marketing. Fancy little tour of spas? The Hungarian ones are supposed to be especially good. And what with your knowledge of Finnish, you might understand one or two words.

  2. I’m especially gratified to see the work done at the train station. It had deteriorated to a disgraceful level.

  3. I am mightily impressed with the catering Debra! Where else in the world could you expect something as beautiful for such an opening??? I love your coverage of these local events. Bagni di Lucca must be doing something right though. Young priests like your new fellow must be in short supply…. Have a great week. Jx

  4. Great coverage of all the local events – voting today so let’s see what new blood will do. They seem to be endlessly opening new spas only to close them again… Bernabo lasted all of a couple of months ….

  5. How lovely that even the opening of a renovated station waiting room is treated as a community event: civic pride of that kind is really worth supporting – especially if you get to scoff some really good looking food. I agree, the road leading to the station is lovely. I miss that kind of soft, lush green.

    • I think the mayor was keen to put his stamp on some of his projects before his exit. He and his team were a bit emotional. The station event was probably his last.

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