Almost winter

I am currently in Brisbane, Australia and we have experienced our first seriously hot days. The temperature has been around 35 degrees coupled with high humidity, an all night storm with rain, strong wind and incredibly loud thunder.

I missed the gorgeous autumn in Bagni di Lucca so I looked at some of the photos I took in past autumns.

I will miss the lovely cold winter days with the possibility of snow…I hope there will be some when I return in late February.

8 thoughts on “Almost winter

  1. These images are so pure and beautiful Debbie, the light so clear, low cloud apart. It creates a longing in me too from here in Ireland, a country I love, where it is currently -4c midmorning. Thank you for sharing.

    • -4 is a bit cold. We have months of hot weather ahead here in Brisbane. I will get to leave it behind in February when I return to Italy to enjoy the last of winter and then glorious spring.

  2. I stayed in montefegasti in 2018, really loved the area. Only problem was the transport up and down mountain as we didn’t have a car. But would love to visit again. Diane

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