The Lima River

I returned from an overnight trip to find the Lima River turned into a raging torrent. Heavy rainfall and melting snow have sent huge amounts of water down the river. The level of the water went from about 1.5metres to 4.7 last night. It has dropped a bit today but it is still rushing past my window carrying logs and other debris with it.

…further down river.

I hope the high water doesnโ€™t cause damage.

20 thoughts on “The Lima River

  1. Your images of my favorite place in Italy helps me get through these times. We spent two summers In Chifenti. Weโ€™ve walked the same places that you post. Thank you.

  2. It is beautiful to see the Lima carrying so much water. The river is really called Torrente Lima, which gives us an idea of its characteristics. It also used to carry far much more water in the past, which was used to operate mills and other industries with its water. Nowadays, the mill at our place could not operate due to insufficient water. And for those fearing the levels, nothing to worry about. Our place has been standing for many centuries without problems. On the XVIII century, the Ponte Vecchio across the river disappeared, but it was a flimsy construction used to carry grain and chestnuts to the mill. It was replaced by the Ponte Nuovo, a solid one, that crosses the river about 150 m from its old location and takes you to the Post Office and The Town Hall. No problems with the old buildings along the river. They are solid as they have been built on bedrock.

    • Yes, our house seems to be built on solid rock. I admit to enjoying watching the river with this much water, as long as there is no damage. This winter has been very wet so far, with lots of snow in the mountains around us.

  3. Wow, that was a very big rise in a short space of time and it’s an impressive flow. I’m glad you’re high and dry – and warm

  4. Seen the Lima like that it remind on the 60ths with my father, he was the gardener of villa Fiori, we found a cove where the water wasn’t so strong, and my father been opportunist we got a net (bilancia) and we start fishing we end up up with a bucket e bucket full of all kind of fishes . Fish for diner for weeks. Nice memory

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