First snow

Just before I left Bagni di Lucca for Australia in November the first snow of the season fell on the mountains around us.

The autumn weather makes for some beautiful views while driving around the area.

When I return next month I hope to see much more snow.

8 thoughts on “First snow

  1. I have loved looking at all your pictures and reading your adventures.
    I am visiting bagni di lucca on 29th January till the 1st February with a view to looking at and buying a village house.
    I am grateful for your car hire suggestion.
    I have now sent the garage an email as I am to scared to drive from pisa airport as not drive on other side of road before.
    I’m staying at the hotel park Regency so I hope it’s okay.
    I’ve been looking online to see if there is a wild hot water springs outdoors but can only see them 2 hours from bagni di lucca.
    I am surprised as it’s a thermal springs town .
    Do you know of any free wild outdoor hot springs near bagni di lucca ?
    Loved reading your blog xx

    • I hope you have a great stay in Bagni di Lucca. I love being there in winter, but it is much more beautiful in spring. Roberto will look after you well at the Regina I am sure.
      There is a bus or train from Pisa airport to Lucca where you would change for Bagni di Lucca. The bus from Lucca stops in La Villa where the hotel is and the train station is in Fornoli where the car hire is.
      There are no wild hot springs in Bagni di Lucca, but the steam grottoes are fun at Bagni Caldi above Ponte a Serraglio. Roberto can tell you all about it.
      The other nearby thermal baths are at Montecatini Terme, about an hour away.
      My favourite outdoor hot springs are at Saturnia, about 4 hours drive away in southern Tuscany, probably a bit far away if you are only around for a few days. There are a couple of posts about Saturnia on my other blog, Bagni di Lucca and Beyond. Type Saturnia in the search box.
      I am currently in Australia but will return to Bagni di Lucca in late February for 4 months.

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