Have you been to Zato?

Zato is a tiny collection of houses above Lucchio. A Google search reveals that it is 698 metres above sea level, there are 21 buildings and that 9 people live there.

We followed the sign from the turnoff for Lucchio.

A narrow, winding road took us to the entrance to the town. The road narrowed further so we parked just outside and walked in.

A short walk along the one street in Zato revealed the few remaining houses and a church.



Some lovely old doorways remain.

I could see a few other houses hidden among trees a little further on.

…and some steps to somewhere.






A well kept garden shows there is life in Zato.

I think I have now been to every village and hamlet in Bagni di Lucca.




11 thoughts on “Have you been to Zato?

  1. Not only thanks for sharing, but congratulations on the accomplishment. But, for me, and having been to Lucchio only once, picturing something above the town sitting at the top of the hill is difficult for me to imagine. However, if I was there, I could picture it. Seems like a reason to return. 🙂 … and oh … love the pics as they are represent the region so well!

  2. Thanks for this article. I enjoy reading about this area. I wonder if this little hamlet will have 1€ houses for sale like other villages in Italy?

  3. Beautiful pictures, but it looks empty and abandoned. I guess they may get a few visitors in summer. But I can’t even see a cat!

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