Presepe Vivente Granaiola

I would love to have been at the Presepe Vivente in Granaiola on the weekend. This event is one of the most delightful things to happen in Bagni di Lucca. The whole community gets involved, turning an ancient village into living theatre.

Local photographer David Bonaventuri took these amazing photos. Please look at his Facebook page for more and while you are there see the amazing photos he takes of our beautiful area.

Presepe Vivente

Presepe Vivente

Presepe Vivente

Presepe Vivente

My friend Paola managed to get her photo taken with baby Jesus, played wonderfully by Rafael Kniver.

Presepe Vivente

She took photos too.

I know the event was enjoyed by all who participated. I will have to stay on through December one year to see it for myself.

10 thoughts on “Presepe Vivente Granaiola

  1. It looks fabulous – and the photos capture the mood – I haven’t had a Christmas in Italy for about 8 years – will have to remedy that

  2. I’d really love to see a live Nativity scene. I’ve seen photos and even videos. It seems even smaller towns stage these events. What wonderful way to bring the town together in the Christmas spirit. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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