Pieve di Controne

Pieve di Controne is one of my favourite villages in Bagni di Lucca. It is a little different from some of the others as it has quite a bit of flat land, rather than being perched on the side of a mountain.

There are some lovely cultivated areas.

Pieve di Controne

Pieve di Controne

It has an amazing church with 2 facades.

Pieve di Controne

Pieve di Controne

Pieve di Controne is a collection of mostly stone houses…

Pieve di Controne

Pieve di Controne

…with pretty gardens and fruit trees.

Pieve di Controne

Pieve di Controne

I am always attracted to old doors, especially green doors, and Pieve di Controne has a fine selection.

Pieve di Controne

Pieve di Controne

There is usually a sleepy cat or 2 in the villages.

Pieve di ControneThe views from Pieve di Controne are excellent.

Pieve di Controne image

If you visit Bagni di Lucca take the time to visit some of the mountain villages.

16 thoughts on “Pieve di Controne

  1. Very nice! Despite the Brexit hype, we’ll be returning to Bagni in September to shoot more beautiful images of the fabulous Italian countryside. David Broadbent

  2. Hope its hot when we arrive in August too. Is Bagni a bit quiet? Although middle aged we do like a bit of the dolce vita !!

      • We are staying in a villa on the road to Benabbio so I guess it’s a short drive to any. Would love to know which is the liveliest. My Italian teacher here in the UK who is from Pietrasanta says Barga has lots of restaurants and bars.

      • Ponte a Serraglio, Fornoli and La Villa, the 3 villages along the Lima River are the busiest. Ponte a Serraglio has a great pasticceria for coffee in the morning, as does Fornoli. There are several bars and restaurants in La Villa. Take a look at the top of the page and click “Eat” for all the cafes and restaurants I have written about.

    • A Pieve is a rural church with a baptistery. When it is part of the name of a town I think it means that the village has such a church. There may be someone out there with a better explanation.

  3. The church has two facades because the entrance to the older one was blocked by a landslide so they just decided to put the the entrance on the opposite end, built a new facde and literally turned the church around!

  4. Ciao Debra, A member of our club,Ann Barsi has written a book on the
    Pieve di Controne. Ann and her husband Oswaldo have a home in Gomberetto which they visit
    every year. The book is as Ann writes a rough interpretation of Don Elio Carlotti’s manucript of
    historical notes dealing with the Pieve. If you have not seen this book
    Email Obarsi@verizon.net profits are used to help in the restoration of some of the churches of
    the Controne. Regards Bob Giannetti

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