Then and now…Lugliano



Now…sorry about the car. I waited a while but it wasn’t going anywhere.



The water fountain is still there.


Lugliano fountain

Lugliano hasn’t changed much at all in this area. It is a lovely village with some great views.


14 thoughts on “Then and now…Lugliano

  1. The plaque says that the public fountain was donated to the village by Lord Sandon and Lady Bute in 1825….

  2. Greetings Debra, We are Danny and Jeni L’Esperance. We have recently bought a home IN Bagni di Lucca on via Molinetto on the river. We also have had a vacation home in Colognora for nine years. It’s for sale. We are both Americans working and living in Germany as teachers. We are excited about our ‘new’ home and discovering your website. We will be in Bagni from mid June to mid July and are interested in finding out what will be going on (besides fixing up our house and garden). Let’s hope this summer won’t be the roaster last summer was! Danny

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    • We are from S CALIFORNIA and I have heard so many nice things here. We plan to see this wonderful town on our vacation this summer July to Sept based in Lucca.
      MAy I ask why did you picked this town to purchase? We are considering purchasing vacation home.
      Thank you for your time,

      • Would love to meet other Americans and share our love for the area while we are in the Bagni di Lucca area for the month of July. We have a home in Pieve di Monti di Villa and visit every year.

      • Oh Great! That is nice of you! Can we email you when we are in Lucca and plan something like tea?
        Where do you live in USA? We are from Riverside County of Southern Calif about 1 1/2 East from Los Angeles.
        Please let us know ( my husband and daughter ) if it is okay. My daughter is just staying last two weeks of July with her best friend .
        Thank you
        Queencafe Lea

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