Then and now, Terme

Jean Varraud Terme has been one of the reasons visitors come to Bagni di Lucca for many years.

Here is how it looked in years past.

Terme Bagni Caldi


Terme Bagni Caldi

Terme Bagni di Lucca

…and now.

Terme Bagni di Lucca

Terme Bagni Caldi

A car park never adds much to the ambience, but at least Terme is operating and popular.

4 thoughts on “Then and now, Terme

  1. There is also a disused hotel (seen in the picture with ristorante written on it) which belongs to the same group that owns the Corona and the Regina hotels. I wish something could be done with it. PS It’s Varraud, not Verraud.

  2. The Terme are functioning and I know a few people who could not live without them, but the clientele has changed. Before, people used to travel from all over the world to take the baths, which was a very popular therapy in those days. Now, the doctors give you a pill, and the majority of those going to the Terme are local people who are sent there by their GPs, courtesy of the Italian Social Security, as they pay something like 5 or 6 € for the session. These people do not need hotels or accommodation. So the old hotel or pensione will remain empty, unless the medical profession decides that a cure at the Terme is better and safer than a bottle of pills. And the Terme have been curing lots of ailments…
    As I said before, Jean Varraud was a visionary and a man of action. Unfortunately, he also belongs to the past…

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