Il Pozzo

Bagni di Lucca is on the edge of the Garfagnana. The area lies between the Apennine and Apuan Alps in the upper valley of the Serchio river. It is almost entirely mountainous and heavily wooded.

It is also dotted with pretty villages, which will take years to discover. I recently visited Pieve Fosciana. It is tiny, with a cluster of houses around the church of St John Battista, one of the most ancient in Garfagnana.

Come for a little walk through Pieve Fosciana…

There are lots of narrow cobble stone laneways and pretty gardens, the usual interesting doorways and building decorations.

Pieve Fosciana

Pieve Fosciana

I was impressed with this house in particular. The residents have gone to some trouble with the facade.

Pieve Fosciana

Pieve Fosciana

The main reason for my visit to Pieve Fosciana was to try restaurant Il Pozzo. I have heard it is one of the best in Garfagnana.

Il Pozzo Pieve Fosciana

They have an indoor dining area and a very big terrace. I was the first there for lunch, but it soon filled up, mostly with local workers. You know a restaurant is good when the locals arrive in number.

Il Pozzo Pieve Fosciana

Il Pozzo Pieve Fosciana

Il Pozzo Pieve FoscianaThe restaurant prides itself on using fresh, local ingredients served in a traditional way, with a slightly modern twist.

Il Pozzo Pieve Fosciana

I ordered the pasta with lobster.

Il Pozzo Pieve Fosciana

Followed by guinea fowl with truffles…they were both excellent.

Il Pozzo Pieve Fosciana

The service was very friendly and I could see that most of the other patrons were regulars. They also do a workmans’ lunch for a set price…I will try that next time.

If you can drag yourself away from the very good restaurants in Bagni di Lucca, try Il Pozzo, I’m sure you will like it.

24 thoughts on “Il Pozzo

  1. You also captured my attention with that menu, especially the pasta/lobster dish. Love those tiny villages that are sprinkled throughout the area. I will add Il Pozzo to my restaurant list for this summer. Thank you.

  2. September in Lucchio ….thought you might like this picture….we had such an amazing day here. Thanks for your blog it makes me feel like I am back in Italy when I read it. Vickie

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  3. Oh my goodness, Debra…this brought tears to my eyes…this is the village where my maternal grandfather was born, Giovanni Bertolini. I cannot wait to visit in May with you and we absolutely must dine at Il Pozzo! Grazie mille…

  4. That’s a beautiful village – one of many to discover. The restaurant and menu look very good indeed. I think this village will now be on a lot of ‘must visit’ lists.

  5. O yes, I love it when you see the overalls coming in for lunch! Even from the outside this sort of place figures in my what I miss most about Italy list, absolutely. The rest of the village looks just as appealing. I love those embedded walls.

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