The park in La Villa

The lovely park in La Villa was devastated earlier this year when a tornado ripped through it, tearing up several of the old trees. Some were hundreds of years old.

The mess has been cleaned up, but it looks a bit bare.

Park La Villa

Park La Villa

Park La Villa

I have heard there have been fund raising efforts to collect money to help rehabilitate the park. I look forward to seeing the results. It will be great to see some new trees planted.

Click here, here and here to see the park after the tornado.

8 thoughts on “The park in La Villa

  1. The destruction of so many magnificent trees has been a great tragedy and, although replanting trees is an absolute necessity, I am afraid that we will not see Countess Casalini’s park as it was before. But then, future generations will benefit from this worthy endeavor.

  2. I’m glad the damaged bits have all been removed, but it would be very nice to see some new things going in. While we wouldn’t see the old-growth trees at a great height in our lifetimes, it would be satisfying to know others would. And some flowers blooming in the spring would be fantastic.

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