Then and now…Hotel Corona

HOtel Corona is on the SS 12 del Brennero at the entrance to Ponte a Serraglio. Here it is in 1900.

Hotel Corona

…and 1902.

Hotel Corona

…and today…the fence has gone.

Corona Hotel

Hotel Corona

The hotel is still operating and we would love to see the restaurant reopen.

15 thoughts on “Then and now…Hotel Corona

  1. Lots of history in that building. Puccini used to sojourn there and I heard that some guests used to complain because he was playing the piano late at night…. You cannot please everyone.

  2. Yes indeed. We had lovely meals in the restaurant over the years. Roberto is such a charming host and an excellent cook by all accounts. I believe he offers cookery courses and to be recommended if the morning cakes in Hotel Regina are anything to go by.

  3. Had many lovely meals on the veranda overlooking the moonlit river with my very good friend Giovanni Giambastiani ( whom I believe was Roberto,s cousin ) such sweet memories.

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