A Benabbio sunset

After a lovely evening with friends in Benabbio I was delighted to see a beautiful sunset. I walked from the top of Benabbio to the lower car park. It was quite late, 9.45pm, and I caught the last rays of sunlight disappearing below the mountains.





It is easy to see why people live in these gorgeous mountain villages. The views are incredible at any time of the day and in every season.

19 thoughts on “A Benabbio sunset

  1. Beautiful photos. I have very happy memories of a really good night at a fabulous little restaurant with about 13 others in Benabbio

  2. Benabbio is a beautiful town. We always prefer to go through it and continue through Boveglio and Collodi to enter the highway to Florence at Chiesina Uzzanese. The views are superb!

  3. I started following your blog after we decided to include Bagni De Lucca in this years “road trip”. Imagine my surprise when we pulled up at traffic lights and as I gazed out realising it was your name on the building door plate. You certainly have a home with a view. We’re currently staying in Guzzanno and have to agree all the villages carry their own charm, character and amazing views.

  4. My mother’s family home was on the top part of Benabbio with the lovely views.
    It must have been so heartbreaking to leave such a beautiful place in search of a better life
    Thanks for those lovely photos Debra.

    • I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been for these brave people to leave behind everything they knew to go to the other side of the world. My grandfather did it in 1912 when he left an small village in Finand to come to Australia.

      • My grandparents their house is in benabbio, in the next turn following the car park down. Every year I make exactly the same pictures from the view. Can’t get enough of it, beautiful.

  5. I can’t believe that in all the time we’ve been going to Bagni that we’ve never been up to Bennabio. Beautiful village with what is clearly a great restaurant. If you can go via Bennabio and carry on through Boveglio and Collodi to the autostrada to Florence that sounds like a winner.

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