Chiesina Alpini

At the park above Colle is a beautiful memorial to the Alpini,  Italy’s mountain soldiers. They are light infantry troops specialising in mountain combat. They are known as Penne Nere (Black Feathers) thanks to the raven feather worn on their distinctive hats.

Chiesina Alpini

Unfortunately the little chapel was hit by a tree in the recent storm. Chris, who lives nearby, took the photo.

Chiesa Alpini

There is a prayer inside the chapel.

Chiusa Alpini

Let’s the chapel will be OK.


23 thoughts on “Chiesina Alpini

  1. I hope its restored fully asap, what a lovely tribute to fallen Italian soldiers. Must go and have a look next time we’re over.

    • Walk up from Ponte a Serraglio through Bagni Caldi and on to Colle. Go through the little collection of houses and follow the walking path to the top of the hill and you will find it.

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