A win for Bagni di Lucca

I am happy to let you know that Bella Bagni di Lucca was awarded Runner Up for Best Single Art and Culture Post for the post called An old tradition in Bagni di Lucca.Arte Barsanti

Arte Barsanti

The post is about Arte Barsanti, a small, family owned company that makes figurines. It has been in business for more than 100 years. I am delighted that the win will focus attention on this wonderful tradition.

I found out a couple of days ago, but the weather bomb (tornado) seemed a bit more important. This are getting back to normal. Some houses are still without power, but I hope this will soon be fixed. Many roofs will need to be repaired and the fallen trees will all need to be cleared. It will take some time.

The weather has been fine since the wind, which is good, we don’t need any rain just yet.

The village looked so calm the night after the wind, it seemed difficult to believe it happened at all.

Ponte a Serraglio


37 thoughts on “A win for Bagni di Lucca

  1. Congratulations, Deb! It was an excellent post which fully deserved an award. One of the best you have written. Well done!

  2. Absolutely thrilled for you and so very much deserved. If I need a pick me up I always go to your blogs 😊

  3. Congratulations Deb,

    This post was especially gratifying for me as well. When my family emigrated to the United States they brought this trade to Chicago, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Buffalo, etc.; they were just figuring makers and decorative plaster workers for the elaborate movie houses throughout the US.

    I really appreciate your work, the photography is beautiful, Capturing the best of the spirit you visit. Keep up the good work thank you.

    • Thank you. I have had many people respond to this post. It seems the influence of the Bagni di Lucca figurine makers has spread far and wide. I would like to see a permanent display somewhere here to reflect this.

  4. That’s ‘Mother Nature’ for you Deb! Glad to hear that all is calm….but as you say it will take a lot of time to get back to normality.

    Anyway…..congratulations! I know the amount of effort that you put into blogging Deb….well deserved!


  5. Love all of your blogs but this one hits near and dear to my heart. My family owes everything to this craft that helped build a business here in the US nearly seventy years ago. Thanks for all that you do, Debra. I know the people of Bagni di Lucca and surrounding hills are working hard to put the area back into beautiful shape. My heart goes out to everyone there for all that they’ve had to endure with this recent event.

    • As you know, I have many people contact me to tell me of their stories of their families with connections to this craft. Wouldn’t it be great to have a permanent display in the village to represent them?

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