Cider by Chris

My friend Chris Buxton has a lovely little cottage in Colle, above Ponte a Serraglio.

This is Chris…I’ll let him tell you the cider story.

Chris' cider

At a lovely late September barbecue, looking over an orchard teeming with fruit, missing my English pub and the real ales and ciders, I wondered what is done with all the apples…not much it seems…and no one makes or drinks cider…what a waste.

My friend, Super Mario, as I call him, found the owner, who said I could help myself to the apples. Others knocked on my door and Mario Morotti offered me the apples below his vineyard. If only I had known how steep and how far below!

It looked as though I had passed the point of no return. Thankfully some Ponte people offered their assistance and cider production was underway…with some extra help from Luna.

Chris' cider

Chris' cider

Chris' cider

There was a bit of research, a bit of borrowing equipment from friends and neighbours and some advice from local wine makers.

Chris' cider

Chris' cider

Chris' cider…some supervision by Luna.

Chris' cider I won’t bore you with the details, but there’s not an awful lot more to do than get the juice from the apples and let nature take its course.

The end result? Some weak, some strong, some bottled clear and fizzy, some the way traditionalists like it, natural and cloudy.

Chris' cider

It has been fun tasting it, sharing it…

Chris' cider

…but alas it is not to everyone’s taste.

Chris' cider

Thank you Chris for sharing your tale of cider. I hope there is some left when I get back to Bagni di Lucca.

15 thoughts on “Cider by Chris

  1. Chris, you are a brave man! Cider has not been produced in Northern Tuscany for many years now. It’s production was banned many years ago, during fascists times to promote the consumption of wine. It has only survived in some Alpine areas. Congratulations on your first cider!

  2. Chris – Jim wishes he was there to help you make and sample the cider. He has memories of a scrumpy hangover as a young bloke tripping around southern England. Glad you to see the apples put to good use.

  3. Chris – well done in utilising all that fruit. You’ll have the memories of the cider making, and the help from your friends and neighbours each time you open a bottle. Could it become an annul event?

  4. Competition! We too made cider this year (We are just below Colle) as our decrepit apple trees sprang into life and the vines didn’t. Italian neighbours were mightily puzzled. P

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