Signs of the times

My lovely friend Chris Buxton came upon this scene while getting lost in the hills. I love it. Road signs in Italy Learning all the road signs nearly drove me nuts when I was studying for my Italian drivers’ licence, but this is a wonderful collection.

14 thoughts on “Signs of the times

  1. Fantastic, typically Italian, officialdom gone mad! The news reports show that you are experiencing some dreadful weather, hope all is ok?

  2. This is so funny! And yes! The horrible driving test……I was lucky enough to take it in English and even that was a nightmare….anyway……again – great pic!

    • I took the test in English too, just months before the rules changed. It was a horrible experience. The translation book was full of mistakes, my instructor was a sadist and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

  3. There’s no doubts about it, Italian road signs do challenge the driver to stay alert.
    Try driving in Sicily. The local sport there is to put at least two signs at the head of a junction with no earlier warning so you have to decide in about two seconds which way to go.

  4. Or Belgium, two poles full of signs going any way in small lettering… And indeed no time to read even the top few, grin. But it is so lovely to get lost in Europe, during daylight hours, when the weather is good and you have a picnic hamper with you. And maps and working GPS is nice too.

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