Little fish

As I walked beside the Lima River at Ponte a Serraglio I noticed a dark shadow in the water on the edge of the river.


On closer inspection I discovered a school of tiny fish, most likely trout.








I don’t suppose many of them will reach maturity, but it is encouraging to see them in the river.

17 thoughts on “Little fish

  1. A lot will probably be lost once we start having heavy rainfall and get washed further downstream……and then there’s always that seagull. If you put a polarising filter on your lens it will reduce the reflection in the water……my tip for today šŸ™‚

  2. We have seen them in the past around this time of the year and in the same spot. The trous also have a “nursery” opposite our mill, where they are better protected from predators. But I guess that the seagulls also need to eat in order to survive….

    • There aren’t as many ducks as there used to be. Alighieri, who keeps an eye on the ducks told me that because the crows and falcons picked off the ducklings as soon as they could swim in the river, the female ducks moved away. Now we just have a small collection of mostly males and no longer get babies.

  3. grow big my little fish so I can get my fly rod out. Yes I will put them back once I caught them. There are some very large fish a bit further down stream where the small river joints the Lima just after the casino. Those are not trout and not allowed to be fished for I was told. Bummer.

  4. Beautiful photos as usual, Debra. I love the reflections on the water. The Lima looks good at any time of the year. Hope those little fishes grow up to be big fishes….

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