Picking olives

Olives grow all around Bagni di Lucca on terraces in the mountains.  Autumn is the time to pick olives. It would be difficult to find a more beautiful setting for an afternoon of olive picking.




When we arrived the nets were being set beneath the trees.


We were shown how to pull the olives from the branches…a bit like milking a cow.



It is good fun picking olives…but I don’t have to do it for days on end. I may change my mind if I had to do it regularly, or I had to climb the trees to get at the top branches, or set the nets.




It is much easier to pick olives while standing on the ground.



…and look at the view.


The best part of this is the delicious new olive oil. It is best when fresh. Look for the new season olive oil now in your favourite deli or market.

13 thoughts on “Picking olives

  1. Ah yes picking olives time, what a beautiful post, reminded me my Aegean memories… Thank you dear Debra, and now it is time to make olive… to prepare them… Love, nia

  2. Who is the stunning beautiful woman in black? Gosh this site is becoming very, very, interesting. I feel like picking olives, yeah!

  3. Scotland one of my favorite country, love the people! Very honorable and sincere. Thank you for the beautiful photos, your friend should be in Bagni di Lucca, she certainly adds grace and beauty. Just got pinched by my wife….ouch

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