It’s porcini time

It is funghi porcini time in Bagni di Lucca.


There are stands beside the road where you can buy these delicious mushrooms.





As you can see they come in all shapes and sizes. I prefer the smaller ones. When they are very fresh I like them best raw, thinly sliced, with a squeeze of lemon. They can be deep fried, or added to pasta or risotto…just eat them while they are available.

Look for them in local restaurants and fruit and vegetable shops and markets right now. If you are brave you can hunt for them yourself in the forests. Go with an experienced gatherer…you don’t want to pick the wrong ones.

5 thoughts on “It’s porcini time

  1. I have just cooked a delicious casserole using beef, onions, carrots, pepperoncini, funghi porcini and a good dose of red wine with plenty of fresh herbs…heavenly!!!! Not 100% Italian, but I do believe in fusion, eclectic cooking. Just using good, fresh ingredients…

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