Gorgeous Granaiola

On one of our rare sunny spring days I visited Granaiola to walk through the village and enjoy the spectacular views of Ponte a Serraglio and several other villages that make up Bagni di Lucca from the high vantage point.

Granaiola is a short drive from Ponte a Serraglio. The car park is at the top of the village…come for a walk with me through the narrow streets.








There is a fine selection of green doors.

I found a couple of renovators’ delights for you.



There is always a cat or two.


I ran into the delightful Stefano who lives alone in Granaiola since his beloved wife died three years ago. The photo I took didn’t turn out well, but here is one I took a couple of years ago at a celebration in Bagni di Lucca when he was wearing his spectacular Bersaglieri hat.


His companion is the lovely Stellina. I’m sure Stellina is a very pampered cat.


…now the views from Granaiola. You can see Lugliano on a mountain top nearby.



…and Colle below.


There are wonderful views of Ponte a Serraglio on either side of the Lima River.







Pieve di Monti di Villa and Monti di Villa are higher up.



Riolo is the village on the lower right.



The blue sky was amazing!


The Lazzi bus going to Monti di Villa will take you to Granaiola. They leave La Villa a couple of times a day. If you are reasonably fit you can walk to Granaiola from Ponte a Serraglio. It is much easier coming down.

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24 thoughts on “Gorgeous Granaiola

  1. We have very beautiful old villages in the Bagni di Lucca area. It is delightful to visit them particularly in autumn because of the golden light that illuminates them. It is also the best season for those long walks.

  2. It certainly has a specticular view of Ponte a Serraglio, as well as all the neighbouring villages. A great village to visit.

  3. Beautiful pictures, Debra. We are here in Pieve now and our house is finally visible now that the grass is cut. You do a great job of capturing the essence of these beautiful villages. Thank you! These little hamlets are precious treasures.
    By the way, your flowers look like they are doing great and Ponte awaits your return.

    • The geraniums on the bridge got off to a slow start this year because of the awful spring weather, bur they seem to be dojng OK now with help from Wendy and friends who look after them so well.
      I am hoping to be back in early October.

  4. I enjoyed these pictures very much. I have been to some of the villages. My father was born in Monti di Villa!! Show us places there somtime. Grazie, Lola

    Date: Sat, 17 Aug 2013 10:19:01 +0000 To: lola1880@msn.com

  5. Beautiful photos as always………WOW…….cats! The Lima river’s water is at the highest I have seen in years, you are a very fortunate woman to reside in such a breathtaking area. Great photos Deb….thank you.

  6. Oh dear Debra, you almost took me to the walking there… What a beautiful photographs they are all. Especially the cat and the washing lines in the wind seem amazing, amazing view from the higher place… I fall in love, again 🙂 Thank you, love, nia

  7. Hi Debra
    What wonderful pictures of Granaiola. You are making me very home sick indeed!
    Next time you are in Ponte a Serraglio, you must pop up to Granaiola again for a cup of tea.

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  9. We really enjoyed meeting you when you visited Granaiola. The pictures you have taken of the village are lovely; well done on a great blog. Dawn and Richard

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