Delicious butter

I love butter…I probably shouldn’t…but I do. When Heather from Sapori-e-saperi told me of a place nearby that makes the most delicious butter, I had to visit.

Azienda Taufi is in Melo, just outside Cutigliano…on the road from Bagni di Lucca to Abetone. Their butter, ricotta, cheese and yoghurt (all excellent) are made from the milk of their gorgeous cows. They were all indoors on the day we visited, but in better weather they get to graze on the lush grass of the dairy farm.

Meet some of the girls…and the lone sheep…and the cat.








We also met Daniela in the little shop attached to the dairy.


She showed us through the production and store.

If you like quality dairy products it is worth the drive up the mountain to buy direct from the producers. It is possible to buy Azienda Taufi products from some local outlets…keep an eye out for them.

16 thoughts on “Delicious butter

  1. So nice, lucky you, and lucky everybody who can get such diary products from grazing, happy cows. I am sure it is more heatlhy, it is scientifically proven that the cows feed influence the product. I can only guess the taste: yummy, yummy. Even the cat looks pleased. 🙂 PS. I love real butter, and use nothing else, except healthy oils….

    • Sorry to jump in instead of Debra, but since I took her there, I hope I’m allowed. It’s one of the best butters I’ve tasted. The reason it’s so good is that Daniela leaves the unpasteurised cream overnight to sour every so slightly, and churns the butter from it the next morning. Heather

  2. Such beautiful cows and the sheep is so appealing, she clearly doesn’t want to be left out, but that cat takes the cheesecake! I can imagine that the produce is wonderful – what a lovely experience.

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