Breakfast beside the Lima river

I saw this gorgeous creature standing quietly and elegantly by the water at Ponte a Serraglio waiting for breakfast to pass by.




She was showing a complete lack of interest, but I’m sure if she had seen movement in the water she would have swooped quickly onto the unsuspecting fish.

After a while she moved away, perhaps she wasn’t hungry after all.


There is a heron nesting in a tree high above my house at Ponte a Serraglio. I wonder if it is this one. If so, she doesn’t have far to fly for breakfast.

6 thoughts on “Breakfast beside the Lima river

  1. Beautiful! We have been following your lovely blog since our visit to Bagni last summer and have really enjoyed it, thank you. We’ve visited nearly every year for the last 7 and are flying out again tomorrow (hurrah!) to stay at Vitiana with our 5 yr old son for a week and wondered if there was anything you might recommend for us to do/see. We don’t want to wander too far but would welcome a bit of local knowledge. Thanks. Sarah

    • The previous post had some things happening in BdL. Don’t miss the crossbow competition on Sunday. I enjoy visiting the different villages in the area, each one has something intereting to offer. If you go back through the blog you will find suggestions for places to eat and things I have found in the villages I have been to.
      Thank you for following…and your kind comments.

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