What’s happening in Bagni di Lucca?

There are a few things happening in Bagni di Lucca soon.

Firstly, on 12th and 13th June at the Sala Parocchiale at Via Vittorio Emanuele, 32 in Ponte a Serraglio there will be a puppet show for children. The show is being performed by the Carideo Clan and Friends and promises to be a lot of fun. Come along at 7.00pm.


Onn Saturday 15 June at the Piazza delle Ponte Catene is a tug-of-war, for men, women and children. Be there at 4.00pm.


This Sunday, 16th June is the day of the Palio della Val di LimaPalio della Balestra…the crossbow competition. I went last year and just happen to have some photos. Click here for more on the event. I strongly urge you to attend this one. It starts at around 9.00am and runs all day in Bagni alla Villa, with the competition taking place in the grounds of the Villa Ada.

In Fornoli on June 23rd the Festival to welcome summer will take place. This one is new for me. I hope we have a fine day. Be in Piazza Aldo Moro in Fornoli at 3.00pm. At 8.15 there will be dinner under the stars at a cost of 15 euro…to book call 347 07756788.


13 thoughts on “What’s happening in Bagni di Lucca?

  1. Thank you, Debra. There is also a Beer Festival to help the Italian Red Cross to be held at the park next to Villa Fiore as from the 12th to the 16th of June.

    • Go to La Villa, the administrative centre of Bagni di Lucca. Look for Via Evangelina Whipple, go past the swimming pool and you will find Villa Ada. Park you car in the village and walk up, it is not far. Have a look at the Turismo Bagni di Lucca site for more events. There is a link on the right of the blog.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful photos of the costumed folks! I am an American medieval reenactor with the Society for Creative Anachronism, and I really appreciate seeing people reenact their culture on its native soil, so to speak! πŸ™‚

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