Strawberries and harp music

We were invited to an event to mark the closing of Morena Guarnaschelli’s art exhibition at the Bagni di Lucca Terme. Who could resist another chance to see the gorgeous salon in this historic building?

The Salon is where the game of roulette was said to be first played. The room became too small and Europe’s first Casino was built beside the river at Ponte a Serraglio.

Morena was there to greet us.


We had some time to look at her beautiful art exhibition. Click here to see more.


We took our seats and Dr Vito Valentino spoke to us about the history of the room and about Morena’s art.


Anna-Livia’s harp looked perfectly at home in this lovely setting.


Anna-Livia Walker studied at the Luigi Boccherini school in Lucca. She played a delightful selection of music for us, from classical compositions to the more recent Scarborough Fair and Moon River.



To make the morning even more special, we were treated to chocolate brownies, strawberries and cream and sparkling wine. What a delightful way to spend a Sunday morning.

13 thoughts on “Strawberries and harp music

  1. All together a very nice event indeed. There are so many opportunities in and around Bagni and Lucca for cultural activities. I remember a couple of summers ago going to an evening piano recital in a square in Lucca (I think just off the Via Batistita?), with refreshments served on. Marvellous.

      • I’m sure I did, but just remind me again. I have to admit my eye is always dawn to the Lucca Music Festival, but we tend to arrive around 26 July, and its pretty much coming to its end at that stage. We’ve missed s few good bands in the last couple of years on that basis. The Queen tribute band who performed in the piazza outside the Forestieri were very good,

  2. What a beautiful room and I do love harp music. Love the flowers and the combination of chocolate brownies, strawberries and champagne – I would feel like a little fat cherub in heaven – but my harp twanging would get me expelled!

  3. Hi, please can future events be advertised on your site? It is great to see the blog, however it is all on events that have already happened…

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    • I do sometimes write about upcoming events…if I know about them in advance.(Look at my recent post on my other blog Bagni di Lucca and Beyond about the music events in Lucca) My blog is read by people from all over the world, who couldn’t attend anyway, so it isn’t really a notice board for community events. I will try harder to find out about events before they happen.
      I deleted your last comment because it was on the post about goats at the station. I really couldn’t predict that one.

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