La Mostra di Morena

Morena Guarnaschelli, a prominent member of Borgo degli Artisti, has a lovely exhibition of her paintings in a gorgeous salon in Terme di Bagni di Lucca at Bagni Caldi, above Ponte a Serraglio.





Surely this room is one of the most beautiful secrets in Bagni di Lucca.



The walls and ceiling are covered with delightful frescoes.






I particularly liked the birds decorating the ceiling.


Morena’s exhibition is on until the 28th April. Don’t miss it…and take the time to look at the beautiful salon.


13 thoughts on “La Mostra di Morena

  1. Debra,
    Love her work and the display location…her works should be exported overseas. Sausalito, California has several galleries I am sure they would be interested in her work. It is amazing how warm and subtle her pastel colors work so well together, very talentd person. Well as I always say, keep them coming…..

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