Bagni di Lucca cat does meerkat impersonation

We are cat sitting at the moment. Meet Tiggy May.


She has made herself at home and has decided that the view of the village from our window is fascinating. She spends hours watching the goings on from our couch.


Something happened which really appealed to her and she needed a higher vantage point.







The funny little thing stayed like this for quite some time, obviously enthralled by something, possibly birds flying past. How I wish she could talk so I could know what was going on in her little pussy head.

25 thoughts on “Bagni di Lucca cat does meerkat impersonation

  1. Such a pretty little cat and such funny photos. She seems to be totally amazed by this new view of the world! The last photo is absolutely priceless.

  2. Wonderful photos… I love cats too. Only wish the Italians were more responsible towards cat ownership, especially neutering! My neighbours below have 2 gorgeous sibling kittys, brother & sister… I dread the time they mature & would happily contribute to the little ‘ops’ myself, but finding a vet to do it for a reasonable price nearby is proving very difficult. As for robbing the little boy of his manhood….. well!!

  3. Wow, just incredible photos of Tiggy May! What beautiful eyes and colors. The ancient Egyptians believed that if a feline appeared at your dwelling and made it her home it would bring luck and wealth……so Debra prepare yourself for a positive experience coming your way….big kiss to Tiggy May……

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