Evil ivy

Wherever I walk in the Bagni di Lucca and Garfagnana areas I see lovely old trees covered with ivy. Many people think this looks attractive, and while I think that ivy is a pretty plant, it is a pest when it wraps itself around trees. It eventually strangles the tree and kills it.

If the ivy is small enough and close enough I pull it off. The ivy on the tree below is now dying on the road beside the tree. I hate to see these trees destroyed.


Does anyone know why more isn’t done to rid the trees of this pest?

8 thoughts on “Evil ivy

  1. It looks as if there is conflicting evidence regarding this plant
    Perhaps those trees are dying because of a fungus disease or other natural causes which are not related to the presence of ivy.
    Granted that it grows very well in our are. And, although I do not like it as much on trees, I find it beautiful on old stone walls.

    • Thank you for showing me the article. Perhaps the trees are dying from another cause, but do look a bit choked by the ivy growing on them. I think it looks great growing on a stone wall as well. I would prefer to see the trees without the ivy.

  2. The way you describe the ivy Debra, it made me think of the mafia of the plant world. I have no answers, but I do love the way you think and care so much about the natural world in your beautiful corner of Italy.

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