The road to Riolo is one of my least favourite in Bagni di Lucca. It is extremely narrow and winding, with little room to pass if you happen to come across another car. The entrance to the village is also narrow. I suggest parking in the area at the bottom of the village and walking up.


The sign at the entrance to the village suggests a low speed. I think this would be too fast.


The village is a pretty collection of houses, with some lovely decoration, and of course, there are wonderful views from the village. Like all of the villages of Bagni di Lucca Riolo has something different and special to offer visitors.





















On the way back to the car I spotted a tiny mouse. The photo is a bit blurry, but the mouse was very small and in a hurry to get away from me.


I have heard that the road to Riolo was badly damaged in the recent heavy rains. I hope everything will be back to normal soon.

30 thoughts on “Riolo

  1. The damage is very big…the people have to go up to Monti di Villa and down to will take a while to repair the road…Riolo is a very nice little village and for me it has many memories from when I was a child…

      • I went stayed there a few years ago and found the locals very friendly. I drove to the top of the village everyday and not to bad. I parked at the back of the Church – Its a great location and its nice to see houses being restructured. Its nice to be away from the main towns below. The views are fantastic the trees seem to go on forever – We stayed in the Old Dance Hall converted into a house. Hope it still has lots of tourists staying and the locals stay in the villages and keep the alive

    • Riolo stands out in my mind as I lived there about one week as a member of the US 10th Mountain Division just prior to entering combat the eve of my 20th birthday. My wife and I returned there in 1985. Wonderful memories.

      • It is great that you were able to go back so many years later. It must have been a terrifying experience for a 20 year old. Riolo may not have changed all that much since 1985. Our mountain villages are lovely.

  2. I hope the road will be restaured next summer , when we will spend our holidays in Lugliano – we wish to visit all the small villages in the region.

    • I’m sure it will be OK by then, and you can get to Riolo by a different road. It takes longer, but it is possible. I have covered most of the villages in BdL and will be back in January for more.

  3. There is a lovely English couple who have a house they renovated themselves – Ron & Lin Mason – the house is lovely & looks across the Valley – have you met them?

  4. Thank you for this Debra. I fell in love with an apartment in Riolo around five years ago and viewed it during the Easter holidays in 2011. I absolutely loved the place – and Riolo itself – but it was too much for me to take on and I would have struggled carrying shopping up the slope to the front door! The road was damaged even then and we had to go the long way round. The apartment is still for sale and I’m still dreaming …

  5. We went there once by mistake, en route to Mont Di Villa and Montefegetasi. Very nice but tricky roads. Very nice pictures, thank you.

  6. I love the faded walls and the geranium steps. It even feels like you’ve captured the quiet in your photos. There is such a peace about these villages. The more time passes the more I cherish the few days I was there, thanks to you!

  7. Like you I like to potter round the villages when I can, but, be warned, the entrance to the village from above, i.e. from Monti di Villa, is only for cinquecentos, or for cars that can breathe in!

  8. i live in Riolo, and ok, the road is very scary but you can drive also with very very big cars through the village 🙂 we have an BMW X3 which is very big and it is easy to pass through, just a bit of exercise ( once or twice ) and that’s it. in any case , it is a paradise , and we love to live here !!!!!

    • I think Riolo is a beautiful village. Has the road from Ponte a Serraglio been opened yet or do you still have to drive from Monti di Villa? I will certainly try driving through the village next time I go there.

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