The inauguration of San Michele Arcangelo in Benabbio


While I was enjoying myself at the archery competition in La Villa another important event was taking place high above Benabbio. Morena from the Borgo Artisti went along and took some photos for us.

There was a Castello by Lupo Lupari on the original site of the village of Benabbio, above where the village now stands. The ruins of the castle are still there.


The small church beside the Castello has been restored and people gathered to inaugurate the building.

It was a hot day and it is a long walk up that hill. A lucky few got a ride up.




Some managed the walk.

Everyone moved into the restored church.






There were photo boards of the restoration process.


It took a lot of work to bring the church back to life.





San Michele Arcangelo.


The stone floor is original.



The architect who supervised the restoration and the local historian spoke, then it was time for the priest to bless the church.



It was hot in there.


Soon it was time for everyone to be outside for refreshments.




People of all ages were there to celebrate.




Finding a spot in the shade was a good idea.


Man’s best friend is always welcome.


There is a cemetery beside the church and in 2007 – 2011 students from the university of Pisa began excavating the graves. Victims of a cholera epidemic were hastily buried and 26 skeletons have been found so far. Work will begin again soon.


Next time you are in Benabbio, take a walk up the hill to the restored church…try it on a cool day.

Thank you Morena for giving me the details of this occasion and for taking lots of photos for us.

19 thoughts on “The inauguration of San Michele Arcangelo in Benabbio

  1. Benabbio is a treasure. So great to see familiar people and places. We’ll visit the restored church on a cool day. Thank you Debra and Morena.

  2. It is great to see that another old church is restored. Thank you Debra and More a for sharing these photos.

  3. I visited the archaeological site at Bennabio some years ago on a tour with the professor from Pisa and his students. They provided a really interesting description of the project followed by a film of their work projected on the wall of the church. Leda at the Tourist Information may be able to provide details of tours available this summer. Peggy

  4. I enjoyed looking at the pictures. It’s great to know that some of the original parts of the old church were preserved such as the stone floor. That’s living history.

  5. Debra, Thank you so much for your wonderful blog. My mother was born in Benabbio and we still have family there. It is a piece of paradise and it’s wonderful to see that other people are discovering the treasure that it is.

    • Hi Susan, it has been fun going to the villages of Bagni di Lucca to take photos and meet people along the way. Tell all your friends about the blog. Let’s spread the word about Bagni di Lucca

  6. I have shared your blog but I have to admit there is a part of me that wants to keep the beautiful Bagni di Lucca and my Benabbio a secret! 🙂

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