The pretty park in La Villa

There is a lovely park behind the main street in La Villa, the commercial centre of Bagni di Lucca. It is a cool place to sit on a hot day and there is a children’s playground.





The park had a bit of a makeover last year. The old trees were trimmed, the water tower renovated, the playgound renewed and a new fountain was installed.







It is great to see that the park is well used by locals and visitors alike.

16 thoughts on “The pretty park in La Villa

  1. As you said, Debra, it is a beautiful, relaxing place and after the renovations it looks even better. The park is called Contessa Casalini, as the countess donated the grounds to the town. The small Sacred Heart Catholic Church is in front of it.

  2. Bet the local bambini are hard to pry away from this playground when it’s time to go home. Can you go inside the building that looks like a castle tower? Just curious — I didn’t see a doorknob on the front door but maybe there’s one at the back.

  3. Great pictures of the park in La Villa. The kind of pictures that keep the rest of us going until we can get back to Bagni in the summer

  4. Does anyone know who the statue in the fountain is of? On it is gives the name of the donor and that is all. Perhaps the Bath of Diana? Thanks.

  5. We’ve spent many an early evening in the park at La Villa, usually after being at the pool at Villa Ada, and en route to Primavera Bar for gelato. If we can summon up the strength after swimming all day we might drive down to Bar Monaco (or as my daughter calls it ‘the moniker’.

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