Saint Apollonia in Bagni di Lucca

Saint Apollonia is the patron saint of dentists, or those suffering with dental problems. She was a martyr who suffered in Alexandria during an uprising against the Christians. Part of her torture was having her teeth pulled out…..most unpleasant. She is always represented in art with pincers.

What has this got to do with Bagni di Lucca, I hear you ask. Yesterday I went to the inauguration of a new statue dedicated to the the saint, at the point where Ponte a Serraglio meets Fornoli in the tiny street named after her.


On the way to the statue.



It is in a very pretty area of the village with a road that leads from the main street up to the agriturismo Le Torre. The houses and gardens are beautifully kept.

Quite a crowd had gathered for the celebrations by the time I arrived.


The sculpture was hidden from view.


I think the priest was asking for fine weather.


The local children performed the task of removing the covering.




Everyone gathered for photos.


The mayor gave a little speech.


Then the artist, Amerigo Peruzzi, who lives opposite, told us about his work.


The priest blessed the statue.


A new baby slept through the procedings.


Then it was time for some delicious food….of course, we are in Italy.








I hope Saint Apollonia would appreciate what was done in her honour, particularly the eating side of the celebrations.

If you walk up to Le Torre, stop for a moment to take a look at Bagni di Lucca newest art work.

It is a lot of fun to be included in local celebrations. The Festa Della Colombina is on this Sunday 6th May at the Villa Fiori Park from 10.00am to 6.00pm. Colombina is the name of a bread baked in the shape of a dove. It was made in Bagni di Lucca in the 1800s in the local ovens and served at cafes.
As well as eating Colombina you can paint a statuette or browse through a little market. Come along and join the fun.

19 thoughts on “Saint Apollonia in Bagni di Lucca

  1. I’ve been going to Bagni di Lucca for over fifty years and yet I always manage to learn something new from your blog. I also see familiar places and things. Thank you for keeping me close to the area from five thousand miles away. Can’t wait to return. I will definitely pay a visit to S.Appolonia on our way to vist our friends at La Torre. Mille grazie!

  2. What a charming ceremony Debra! I love the bedsheet shroud and the children. This is part of the wonderful bonus of being part of village life in Italy. Thank you for the lovely glimpse…

  3. I’ll have to think of this Saint each and every time I go the dentist..her fate with teeth makes my simple cleamings look like a waltz in the park. Love that this “pairs well” with food!! 🙂 What unveiling doesn’t, right?!?

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