Gorgeous geese in Guzzano


Look for the bright pink house as you enter Guzzano.

Guzzano is only 10 minutes from La Villa, on the road towards Montefegatesi. It is a beautiful little village where most of the houses are occupied full time. We visited on a gorgeous, early spring afternoon. It was a bit hazy, but the views are still dramatic.











We think this sign is asking drivers to watch out for dogs.


The tree in front of the church is going to look very impressive soon.

Now, to the geese. We came upon a flock of geese out for a stroll…and what a handsome bunch they were.


That is the boy in front, giving orders.


The girls are answering back.


He wants the grass she is eating.


He really wants it.


Let’s go this way.


No, that way.

These geese are very vocal. I wish I understood goose.

Sadly, since I was in Guzzano taking these photos, one of the female geese and a gosling were killed by a weasel. Life can be very cruel.

15 thoughts on “Gorgeous geese in Guzzano

  1. I heard about “Hissy Missy’s” death. Weasles are more common than what we think, particularly near the river. We have at least a coupleliving in the lower area of the mill. The male – I have named him “Diavolo” – is feared by all the other animals and birds. They disappear the minute he shows up.

  2. Lovely Deb – love ducks & geese especially our special white goose !! My aunt used to keep them in Sti Lanka & so have a great fondness for them – great post & see you soon

  3. Just for fun, I ran the Italian on the sign through Yahoo BabelFish to translate it into English. It came out like this: “motorist who pass remembers exists also the can with a large heart like spep”. Hmmmm. Maybe it means avoid the big trash can if you’re driving by it? Especially if it has “spep”. LOL. Beautiful photos, as always.

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