Ponte flowers

The lovely pansies on the bridge at Ponte a Serraglio are almost at the end. Some seem to be still flourishing while others have died. The weather has been strange to say the least.

I have begun planting yellow marigolds in the place of the dead pansies. They will all be planted over the next couple of weeks.
As usual, I will be returning to Australia in early June. If anyone is interested in helping to water the flowers when I leave please leave a message below.

10 thoughts on “Ponte flowers

  1. Debra. Happy to help. If a couple of others chip in we could get a rota going. If not then solo. X

  2. Thank you…..
    Its a shame that the communi dont feel the need to contribute……to making this area more beautiful!
    Thank you all the same!

  3. This will not help one bit but I would if I was there. My wife and I are friends with Arnaldo and Fabio up in San Cassiano whom you posted a photo a few years back collecting figs to transplant.

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