Villa Fiori park

Villa Fiori park is full of yellow flowers right now. I know they are weeds, but they do look pretty.

They will be gone when the grass is mowed.

The trees along the river are growing leaves. Soon they will be bright green.

Spring is here.

9 thoughts on “Villa Fiori park

    • Hello David, you can do this by entering your email address in the box on the right of the page. I can’t do it for you. It might be necessary to click Home at the top of the page.

      • I entered my email address when I sent you that message. I will do it again below – so I know for sure I’ll get your blog. Thanks and look forward to seeing you again one day. David

  1. The sky looks so clear and clean here. The Lima looks like it’s running full. Great clear photography as usual Debra. Thanks for sharing.

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