Food fair in Villa Fiori

We were early to arrive at the food fair in Villa Fiori park on Sunday. There were some well set up stalls offering tastings and things to buy.

We put together some delicious delights and made lunch for ourselves as well as buying some things to take home.

There wasn’t a lot of local support while we were there which was a little disappointing. Because of covid there has been nothing much happening for ages and it was nice to see something new happening. I hope it got busier later in the day.

Here is an upcoming happening in Bagni di Lucca.

4 thoughts on “Food fair in Villa Fiori

  1. Everything looks delicious and it is a pity that there was not much public. Perhaps people are still reluctant to go out.

  2. After not being able to return to our house in Gombereto from America for more than a year, it was delightful to attend this low-key, but delicious event. I hope more events like this are planned.

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