Stormy weather

I’m back at Ponte a Serraglio for a while. The stormy weather continues. Today was a mixture of rain, hail, thunder,  bits of blue sky…and repeat.

The house of a friend.

I like the leaves on the footpath.

I have walked past this many times, but not really noticed how lovely it is.

I don’t mind a bit of wet weather and the occasional storm, but this weather has been frightening. I am surprised there is not more damage after these ferocious storms.



23 thoughts on “Stormy weather

  1. Hi Debra, The ‘house of a friend’ – is that the house with the lift, from down below? (I’ve dreamed of having a house with a lift like that!, though Tracy not so much).

    I’ve never ventured past this point, but totally intrigued!

  2. Love the picture of I’ll Serchio from the bridge at Ponte aSerraglio.
    As kids I remember getting haircuts at the barber shop. Can’t remember is it’s still there. Was there last in 2018

  3. Thanks for the always beautiful photos. Even though the weather is gloomy and a bit scary, still part of life and well documented by your camera and eye. I am surprised to see how full and and a bit ‘angry’ the river looks as it’s still before the snows fly. Perhaps higher mountain snowfall plus the stormy weather? Always appreciate your photos and descriptions.

    • I like to share this beautiful part of the world. The river has calmed down a little now, but the water is still high. During storms the river turns into a raging torrent after the heavy rain and melting snow from higher up.

    • We had a couple of terrifying storms while I was still at Casa Debbio. I closed all the wooden shutters and sat it the dark until they passed, all the time wondering what I would find when I opened them. Fortunately there was little damage.

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