The night of the shooting stars

La Notte di San Lorenzo falls on 10th August. For a few nights around this date the Perseid meteor shower crosses the Italian sky and people like to find a quiet, dark place for some stargazing.

The celebration dates back to Roman and Etruscan times. Catholics mark this day in remembrance of the martyr, believing falling stars represent the tears of San Lorenzo and the embers of the fire that burned him.

A lovely event was organised at Villa Web, in Bagno alla Villa. Participants were invited to come along with a blanket to sit on the grass in front of the Villa and, with some luck, spot a falling star and make a wish.

To make things interesting, the terme below and the Villa were open for guided visits.

The terme looked lovely lit up at night.

Villa Web is full of treasures.

The kitchen, in particular, appeals to me.

Upstairs are several of the games that are from the Casino in Ponte a Serraglio, the first purpose built casino in Europe.

There is another excellent collection on the top floor, where I will take you another time.

I didn’t see a falling star, but no matter. It was a delight to lie back and search the sky…a special way to spend an evening.

I am very impressed with the organised events this summer. Well done to all those involved.



6 thoughts on “The night of the shooting stars

  1. a lovely song and memory came in my mind:

    Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket
    Save it for a rainy day…

    Thanks to Perry Como

  2. We visited last summer and were impressed and amazed at the collection. It was interesting to observe people’s reactions to the collection on the top floor. I’m eagerly awaiting your impressions. Miss you, and everyone/everything!

  3. Wow, some of those scenes are the definition of atmospheric … pun regarding the meteors or lack thereof. Beautiful photography.

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